Paris Court / Archikon

Text description provided by the architects. One of the most ornamented buildings in Europe, Paris Court is brought into the light for all to see. A popular location in spy films, the historical building has been renovated by interior design studio KROKI and architecture studio ARCHIKON, recreating the once-glamourous setting of Budapest’s iconic architectural gem.

Had you visited the Paris Court in downtown Budapest only a handful of years ago, you’d have met with a significantly different impression. Darkened corners, rusted metalwork and damage from the tumultuous wartime events that shook Europe in the 20th Century all combined to make for an architectural sight that was at once historically rich yet in many ways a shadow of its former glory. In fact, it was a popular destination for filmmakers, who saw the opportunity to leverage the combination of the ornate passageway and limited natural light for covert undercover meetings in spy films - such as 2011’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Over the last three years, a partnership between interior design studio KROKI and architecture studio ARCHIKON has worked to revive the downtown location, restoring the dark and damaged arcade to a decorated landmark that introduces proper lighting to its intricate details for the first time in its history.

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